Heart Yoga is the name of the Yoga teaching of Dr Pete Yates and Anna Ingham. Many people come to Yoga wanting to maintain health, combat stress, find inner peace and energy, and encounter life with creativity and joy. Heart Yoga offers all this and in a very direct way. Yet even these undoubted benefits are only spin-offs of the deeper but essentially simple project of reconnecting with the life-process itself.

The Parkdale Yoga Centre, Wolverhampton, UK is where most of Heart Yoga’s activities take place. We have been teaching Yoga here since 1996, both in weekly class format and in a more intense residential context. We also offer Bowen Technique Treatments to help alleviate back pain, joint pain, sciatica, IBS and a wide range of other ailments in a gentle, non-invasive way. [For directions, SEE CONTACTS PAGE. ]

Have a look around this site to find our schedule of regular evening classes and one-off events, our Yoga teacher training programme, biographical details about us, the teachers, and a summary of our non-sectarian approach to the wonderful gift of Yoga. Our photos page should give you a flavour of our work at Parkdale. Our page on Bowen Technique treatments gives some basic information and links you to a fuller treatment on our Bowen specific site.

See also our resources pages where there are some links to sites we believe will be of value and interest to Yoga students and practitioners. These include links to translations of important texts, links to key organisations, and more. You will also find a few reviews of key books there.

Take a look at the articles page for articles relating to Yoga and particularly to its place in modern society.

Enjoy! May all beings be free and happy! Pete Yates & Anna Ingham.